Are you a student looking for free education programs in Germany?  Is Masters in Germany Free? USA, UK, and Canada are the three most popular countries that Indian students prefer for study abroad programs. But recently, Germany has emerged as the favorite country for higher studies, especially engineering students. The reason for the interest is known to all, the free education or no tuition fee system of German public universities and the ample opportunities for jobs in various industries in Germany after study. Read more about the free Masters in Germany and courses they can join without paying the tuition fees.

Masters at German Public Universities

Germany, the emerging land of opportunities, follows an education system that’ll make your heart skip a beat! While numerous countries charge hefty tuition fees from international students, Germany breaks free from the pack, offering an education-free from Bachelor to Ph.D. around the globe.

German public universities are famous for their quality and research facilities. These prestigious institutions welcome scholars with open arms and minds. From engineering to business studies, now, brace yourself for a jaw-dropping disclosure! Indeed when some private universities in other countries charge several lakh rupees every year as tuition fees, German private universities maintain a spirit of fairness. Most offer private educational institutions in Germany charge much lower than other countries for Bachelor, Master, and even research studies, making education accessible to scholars from all walks of life.

Is Masters in Germany Free

Types of Free Master’s Programs in Germany

Germany offers a variety of MS courses both in English and German medium. Indian students are free to choose their medium of instruction after fulfilling the program requirements. The academic program list is diverse, ranging from engineering to arts and humanities. Although the syllabus of both German and English taught programs are same, the language requirements are different.


If you want to expand your knowledge and pursue cutting-edge research, Master’s degrees in Germany are an important key to academic excellence. Be a part of the spirit of innovation and spark your passion by studying at the top public universities in Germany without paying any tuition fees.

Here is a table listing some common Master’s degree programs offered at German public universities free, along with the typical annual admission deadlines

ProgramSubject AreasWinter –Intake DeadlineSummer – Intake Deadline
Master of ScienceEngineering, Computer Science, Life Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, MathematicsJuly 15March 15
Master of ArtsHumanities, Social Sciences, Arts, Media & CommunicationJuly 15March 15
MBA/Master in ManagementBusiness, Management, Finance, Marketing, AccountingJuly 15March 15
Master of EducationTeacher Training, Education StudiesJuly 15March 15
Master of LawsLaw, Legal StudiesJuly 15March 15
Master of Public PolicyPublic Administration, Public PolicyJuly 15March 15
Master of Public HealthPublic Health, Healthcare AdministrationJuly 15March 15
Masters in Germany – Highlights
  • Admission deadlines are usually between January and July each year for winter sessions and March 15 for summer sessions. Some programs have additional intake in spring.
  • The duration of Master’s programs is typically two years for 120 ECTS credits.
  • Tuition fees are zero or negligible at public universities in Germany.
  • English-taught Master’s programs are available in most subjects.
  • Students must pay semester fees at Public universities.
  • Semester fees may vary depending on the universities (usually in the range of 150EUR to 400 EUR)
  • Students get free travel cards and library membership after paying the semester fee.
  • Additional application requirements include English proficiency scores, letters of recommendation, CV/resume etc.

Please refer to individual university and program websites for exact details, semester fee details, requirements and application procedures.
The academic calendar runs from October to September in Germany.

Requirements for Indian Students

As the competition for Postgraduate courses in German public universities is high, you must have a good academic record to get admitted to these government-funded universities.

If your score in graduation is above 80%, then you have a chance to get the admission offer. Before applying to public universities in Germany, you should do your homework and the course and specialization you want to apply. You must also note that your score alone will not be the criteria for public university admission, and even if your score is 100%, getting admission to the specific course or topic may not be easy.

Prerequisites for Indian Students for Post Graduation

  • Bachelor Degree Score
  • IELTS 5.5 for English Programs
  • B2 for Courses in German 
  • SOP
  • Work Experience, if any
  • LOR

German Study Visa requirements for Indian Students
  • German student visa requires the following
  • Admission offer letter
  • All Educational Certificates
  • APS Certificate
  • IELTS or German certificate
  • Blocked Account Details
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance


  • Is Masters in Germany completely free?
    Master education in Germany is free, which means the public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees. But students must pay a semester fee of 150 EUR to 350 EUR, depending on the university. The semester fee covers administrative fees and library membership charges. Semester fees also include the fee of students’ travel cards, which enable students to travel free in Germany.
  • Is the German language mandatory to study in Germany?
    Knowledge of the German language is mandatory for German taught programs and Ausbildung courses, but not for English-taught UG and Masters programs.
  • Is IELTS required to study in Germany?
    IELTS is not mandatory for admission to English-taught programs but may be required during visa submission. The minimum score requirement is 5.5 overall.
  • What percentage is required to get Master’s admission in German public universities?
    There are no minimum percentage requirements to apply to German public universities. Nevertheless, a 55% and above score is preferable for PG and 65% and above for Masters Admission in German Public Universities. The Minimum CGPA Required for MS in Germany depends on the number of applications, competition during the particular intake, Student’s profile etc.
  • Do German Universities Offer Masters Courses in English? 
    Yes, Germany offers a wide range of over 1,400 English-taught Master’s and PhD courses. Proficiency in the German language is not required to apply for these programs. Moreover, English proficiency is common in Germany, especially in major cities. However, taking advantage of German language basic courses will be beneficial while living in Germany.
  • Can I Work During My Masters in Germany?
    Working during a Master’s or PhD in Germany is possible, subject to some restrictions based on nationality. EU and EEA students can work without restrictions with some conditions. Non-EU Students from countries like India can work up to 120 full days or 240 half days per year. 


Germany offers a wide range of free study abroad programs that can provide hope to students in India. Germany welcomes meritorious students to study freely with warm arms. Many universities offer free masters in Germany for Indian students. If you are searching for MS programs abroad without breaking the bank, Germany is the country you must choose. The country is known for its engineering excellence, top industrial organizations, and job opportunities in various sectors. Contact us for more information about Free Masters in Germany for Indian Students.

Although most of the German population prefers to speak German, English is widely spoken, especially among the younger generation. Contrary to the free education policy of many countries, Germany offers tuition-free education to international students in public universities, opening a wonderful opportunity for Indian students who want to study at the world’s top universities without spending thousands of Euros on tuition fees.

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